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Are you considering retirement or an exit from your business?

The exit stage is your opportunity to cash in on all your efforts and years of hard work. Maybe you can sell to the existing management, private equity or to another business. If however things haven’t gone too well recently, it could mean winding down and shutting the business. Either way you will need some advice and guidance from an expert.

What is an Exit Review?

Basically, the summary review of four key elements…

1 . Are you Ready?

Selling a business can be time consuming and an emotionally charged decision. You will need some honest, valued added advice from experienced advisers and dealmakers to assess the business readiness for your exit.

2 . What is the business worth?

You have probably invested blood, sweat and tears to get your business where it is today, naturally you will want to secure the best deal with the right buyer. Your chosen exit strategy can greatly influence the level of buyer interest, the negotiation process and final deal terms. As a starting point you will need a benchmark valuation / target price to know what you might get after taxes, professional fees and other costs of exit.

3 . Establish your Exit Plan

We will look at your business operations, management, and competitive barriers. Access your processes, ownership structure, legal requirements and what for a strategic acquirer is the future opportunity. Allow plenty of time to find the right buyer and be prepared to work with the selected acquirer to ensure a smooth transition and merger of the two businesses.

4 . Exit right

Do not leave your planning or exit preparation to the last minute, a successful exit is likely to take much longer than you hope and expect. By understanding the process and creating a plan you can stay on top, but if you put off what you could do early you will simply create unnecessary risks and negotiation disadvantages. Health, family or partner problems can force an exit so its better to be fully informed and prepared at the earliest stage.

Consider starting your review up to 5 years before target exit date.

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