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Southern Classics Embraces Future with Employee Ownership EOT: A Testament to Legacy and Teamwork

Discover how Southern Classics transitions into a promising future through an Employee Ownership Trust, ensuring the preservation of its esteemed legacy and dedicated team culture.

Southern Classics, a name synonymous with excellence in classic car restoration and repairs, has embarked on a new chapter in its illustrious history. Founded in 1979 by a group of passionate enthusiasts, Southern Classics has always stood out for its commitment to quality and its deep-rooted community of skilled professionals. The recent transition of ownership to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) marks a significant milestone, reflecting the company's dedication to maintaining its revered culture and operational ethos.

Transition Guided by Core Values

Under the visionary leadership of founder Steve Berry, Southern Classics has flourished, earning a reputation for unparalleled craftsmanship in restoring and repairing premium classic vehicles. Recognising the invaluable contribution of his team and the unique skills they bring to the table, Berry sought a retirement exit strategy that would honour the company's heritage and empower its dedicated employees.

BuyMyBiz: Orchestrating a Strategic Exit

BuyMyBiz, a trusted adviser in business sales, was enlisted to navigate this pivotal transition. Through their comprehensive exit review service, they explored various avenues, including external acquisitions and employee ownership. Despite attracting substantial interest from trade buyers and investors, it became evident that these options might not align with the company's ethos or ensure the continuity of its business culture.

Employee Ownership: A Win-Win Solution

After a meticulous analysis, the Employee Ownership Trust emerged as the optimal path, offering a sustainable model that resonates with Southern Classics' values. This approach not only provides a fair market value exit for Berry but also fosters a sense of ownership and commitment among the employees. By retaining its core team and avoiding external interventions, Southern Classics is poised to uphold its legacy of excellence and innovation.

The Future is Bright

As Southern Classics transitions to employee ownership, it stands as a beacon of stability and continuity in the classic car restoration industry. This move not only secures the company's future but also reinforces its reputation as a business that values its people and their craftsmanship.

Enduring Commitment

For those contemplating a similar journey, Southern Classics and BuyMyBiz exemplify the importance of aligning exit strategies with company values. The success of this transition underscores the potential of employee ownership to preserve business legacies while invigorating the workforce with a renewed sense of purpose.


The sale of Southern Classics to its employees through an EOT is a landmark achievement that exemplifies the power of shared ownership and commitment to legacy. This visionary approach not only secures the future of Southern Classics but also sets a commendable standard for businesses aiming to honour their heritage while embracing change.

Engage with BuyMyBiz

To explore how your business can navigate its transition with integrity and foresight, connect with BuyMyBiz. Their expertise in facilitating thoughtful exits can guide you toward a decision that respects your legacy and rewards your team's dedication.

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